Rhea Lana's of Springfield is currently looking for new ownership.  If you are interested in owning your own business and helping out local families please contact us at nicholekennard@rhealana.com.


Consignment Events so you provide
what your family needs AND wants

Say "YES" more often!

Having a family is expensive!

❤︎ Paying full price means buying less.
❤︎ Unused items inside your house aren't earning money...they stress you out! 
❤︎ Telling your family "No" because the budget is gone isn't fun!

Provide more of what your family wants...
not just needs!

❤︎ Earn money with less hassle. 
❤︎ One-Stop shopping.
❤︎ Be the hero of your family by saying "Yes" and staying inside your budget! 

Our twice a year consignment events are one-stop shops for everything your family needs AND wants for a fraction of the price. Consign and shop to say "Yes" to your families needs AND wants! 

YOU can be a consignor! Simple as 1, 2, 3...

1. Gather your items.

2. Enter your items. 

3. Earn money! 

Our next event...

Spring/Summer 2021


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Buying brand new retail is fun, but it sure is difficult on a budget. You end up saying "No" way too often. Shopping Rhea Lana's will help you say "Yes" more often! And you'll say "Yes" to your kids' needs AND wants. Here's what you'll experience by shopping at Rhea Lana's...

❤︎ Save 50-70% off retail.
❤︎ Uber organized.
❤︎ One stop shopping.
❤︎ Used items with plenty of life left in them.
❤︎ Name brand clothes, shoes, furniture, baby gear, toys, books, and much more.


Consigning EARNS you money, not just save it! Put the items collecting dust and taking up space into an upcoming event. The items taking up space will turn into cash. Be even more of a hero in your home by saying "Yes" even more often! Here's what you'll experience as a consignor of Rhea Lana's...  

❤︎ Average Consignor Check is $350.
❤︎ No Facebook meetups (and stand-ups). No more early morning garage sale hagglers. No more unused items sitting around! 
❤︎ Check given at pick up or we will mail them the next day.
❤︎ Items are Guaranteed against loss/theft.
❤︎ Watch Sales Live from our Rhea Lana's App.
❤︎ Shop Before the Public at our Private Pre-Sale Event.
❤︎ Low $10 consignor fee.


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Nichole & Shane Kennard
Owners ~ Rhea Lana's of Springfield